About Store to Store

INTRODUCING STORE TO STORE: At StoreToStore.com, we mean business. We are a "local shopping" news website that reports on retail outlets and business establishments in the ArkLaTex region in association with our sister site, ArkLaTexNews.com. Our sites were many years in the making and launched under the direction of Executive Editor R. Mason (see biography below) on May 4, 2019. The concept was initially developed in 2015 with the idea of establishing a news organization for the ArkLaTex region that included hard news along with local business and shopping news for the areas including Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, North Louisiana and Southeast Oklahoma.

OUR CHALLENGE: The ArkLaTex has a population of more than 1 million people, and the geographic area it covers is vast. Our region has hundreds of unique retail stores - many of which have yet to be discovered by many ArkLaTex citizens. In addition, our demographic and economic research showed our local communities in the Four States area were far more socially and economically integrated than we originally realized. This exciting discovery led to a critical question: How do we effectively let people know about local shopping and retail opportunities in a region as large and diverse as the ArkLaTex?

REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY: To cover the ArkLaTex fairly and evenly, we decided to create local "hubs" to distribute news. This would allow us to produce "hyperlocal" or "very local" news for the important communities of our region, including shopping and retail news. An added benefit is that our effort could spur economic growth as more ArkLaTex citizens become educated about local stores and what they had to offer.

RETAIL STORES MATTER: Above all else, we wanted to be sure we effectively reported on local shopping right here in the ArkLaTex. With the advent of online stores, many people are unaware of good deals awaiting them right here in our own downtown areas, free-standing mom and pop businesses, boutiques, strip centers and malls. Moreover, shopping locally promotes needed economic growth for our community. It also assists hard working locals and families who invest in the future of our area by putting their revenue back into our communities which results in a respected local business presence. These establishments are places where you can see, touch and purchase the merchandise - with the added bonus of appreciative hometown customer service.

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STORE TO STORE AND THE WAY FORWARD: Our mission is simple: We want to provide relevant, interesting news and information on deals, shopping and retail stores for local citizens of the ArkLaTex. We also want people in other areas of the ArkLaTex (and beyond) to learn more about our interesting and unique retail stores and shopping centers in this wonderful region we all call home - while doing our part to promote local commerce, add jobs and expand opportunities.

R. Mason